Hey there, art and environment enthusiasts! We’re Atlas Print Solutions, and we’re thrilled to share our experience collaborating with The Climate Museum for their recent exhibition, “The End of Fossil Fuel”, held in November 2023. It’s not every day you get to be a part of something that combines creativity, technology, and a crucial message about our planet.

The Vision

The Climate Museum’s exhibition, set in the heart of Soho, aimed to send a powerful message about the urgency of ending fossil fuel reliance. Their vision was clear: create an immersive experience that not only informs but also inspires action. That’s where we came in!

Our Role

As a team at Atlas Print Solutions, we were tasked with bringing this vision to life. From vibrant large-scale prints to intricate details that captured the essence of the exhibition’s message, our role was to ensure every visual element was impactful. We believe that the right visual presentation can make a world of difference in how a message is received, and we were all hands on deck to make this happen.

The Transformation

The transformation of 105 Wooster St for this exhibition was nothing short of magical. Swipe through our before and after pictures to see the metamorphosis! Our team worked tirelessly on the install day, ensuring every print and installation complemented the museum’s narrative. It was a race against time, but seeing the final outcome was worth every effort.

The Impact

Walking through the exhibition, visitors were greeted with bold, thought-provoking imagery, thanks to our printing and installation work. Each piece we created aimed to strike a chord with the attendees, urging them to contemplate the future of our planet and the role fossil fuels play.

Challenges and Triumphs

Like any large-scale project, we faced our share of challenges. From ensuring color accuracy to the logistics of installing large prints in a busy city, it was a learning curve. But overcoming these obstacles only added to the satisfaction of the final display.

Closing Thoughts

Our journey with The Climate Museum’s “The End of Fossil Fuel” exhibition was more than just a project; it was a contribution to a cause we deeply care about. We’re grateful for the opportunity to merge our expertise in print solutions with a message so vital for our times.


If you haven’t yet experienced this stirring exhibition, we invite you to visit 105 Wooster St, Soho, from Wednesday to Sunday, 1-6 pm. And remember, it’s not just an exhibition – it’s a movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. Come check it out and join the conversation!

And hey, if you’re ever in need of expert printing and installation services that bring your vision to life, remember, Atlas Print Solutions is just a call away! Let’s create something amazing together.