Atlas Print Solutions in New York, NY is a full-service digital print, brand activation and visual marketing company offering state-of-the-art marketing tools, including interactive digital solutions. The best way to connect with customers and make your brand more attractive is by creating a unique and memorable visual and interactive experience for your office, store, party, event, promotion or exhibit  It doesn’t matter if you’re a physical retailer selling physical products or a marketing consultant; interactive digital has a place in every business marketing plan across all industries. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.

What Is an Interactive Digital Platform?

Interactive digital solutions bring a “digital-first” mindset into the foreground for companies looking to capitalize on customer experience and interaction by bringing brands to life.  Our clients have used brand activations to promote brand awareness and strengthen their social media presence.  Interactive installations are an impactful way of promoting brand retention, holding audience’s attention and sharing stories of what they’ve experience   Delving into this sector does not mean you’re changing products and significantly altering the services you offer. Instead, it’s an improvement and complement to how you’ve been successfully operating up to this point. What are some of the advantages that having digital platforms provide?

  • Increase social media presence.
  • Stronger customer brand recall and retention.
  • Offer more value to customers – When your customers can access additional information, promotional codes, customer help, and communicate directly with you when it’s convenient for them, they’ll see this as value and stay loyal to your brand.
  • Learn value – Test out different offers and get a first-hand look at what customers perceive as a good value.

How Can We Help You With Digital Media Platforms and Brand Activation?

It’s time to put new technology to use for your brand, business, products, and customers. The big question is, how? That’s where our team comes in. We have more than 25 years of experience creating marketing plans through some of the most advanced technology available for custom fabrication, exhibition and event planning, and digital print services. Through all of these areas, we’ve been able to incorporate digital media and interactive platforms that increase visibility, generate customer buy-in, and lead to increased revenue and customer retention. How? By carefully choosing the right digital products for our customers based on their goals. We offer

  • Brand activation designs such as Selfie Kiosk, Scenic Photo-ops, Digital Props, Interactive Sports Games, Laser Maze, Digital Karaoke and Virtual Reality.
  • Mobile app development
  • Web-based services development
  • Social media event management
  • And more

Why Are Interactive Platforms Important?

Investing in a digital platform strategy has far-reaching effects that will continue for years to come. That’s what is so fantastic about this service we offer customers. It is a proven winner with technology that will continue to expand and never go away. Why start now?

  • They’re easy to use
  • Customers will have confidence using a trusted and secure network
  • Communication with customers becomes instant
  • You’ll offer additional value to your community of clients

Why Choose Us

Our team is diverse and includes a creative bunch of graphic technicians, project managers, creative artists, installers, customer fabricators, and digital design specialists. We view every client relationship as a true partnership, sharing a creative vision with a unified set of goals to accomplish. When our clients are successful, we’re successful. Since 1995, we have operated this way and continue to promote diversity, inclusion, honesty, and integrity in all that we do. Our clients are continuously amazed by our projects and finished work, and we guarantee you will be too. Our client portfolio includes global names including Montblanc, Breitling, Zara, Baccarat, Ferrari and Van Cleef & Arpels, to name a few and we’re honored to be chosen as their trusted partner.

Learn More About Interactive Digital Solutions

Our clients cover every phase of digital interactive media. Some are just dipping their toe in the water, and others are expanding on an already robust platform. At Atlas Print Solutions in New York City, we meet our clients wherever they are on the path to interactive digital display and solutions. Contact us to start your journey today.