The Meatpacking District in New York City, a vibrant hub of fashion and luxury, welcomed a new resident in the form of the Breitling flagship store. Breitling, renowned for its precision timepieces, had chosen this upscale neighborhood for its new boutique. To ensure that the opening of this store would be nothing short of remarkable, they enlisted the expertise of Atlas Print Solutions. In this article, we delve into how Atlas Print Solutions transformed the Breitling store through custom displays, eye-catching wraps, and immersive props, creating a memorable and fitting introduction to this prestigious brand in this trendy location.

Setting the Stage

Setting the stage

The Meatpacking District’s aura of fashion and elegance provided a befitting canvas for Breitling’s luxurious timepieces. Nevertheless, making an impression here required a unique approach, one that Atlas Print Solutions was poised to deliver.

Custom Displays: Celebrating Precision and Craftsmanship

custom displays

Atlas Print Solutions played a pivotal role in crafting an inviting and educational environment within the Breitling store.

  1. Watch Wall Display: The pièce de résistance was the watch wall display. Rising from floor to ceiling, it showcased Breitling’s extensive collection of timepieces in a meticulously curated arrangement. Each watch was bathed in precisely tuned lighting, not only accentuating their beauty but also inviting customers to explore the world of horology.
  1. Heritage Corner: Breitling’s rich history, filled with aviation milestones and innovation, was elegantly brought to life in the heritage corner. Carefully designed cases held vintage Breitling watches and historical artifacts. This corner became a captivating testament to the brand’s legacy, drawing in history enthusiasts and watch aficionados alike.
  1. Interactive Touchscreens: Keeping pace with the digital age, Atlas Print Solutions integrated interactive touchscreens throughout the store. These interactive displays provided customers with a deeper understanding of Breitling’s craftsmanship and heritage. Visitors could explore the intricate mechanics of Breitling watches, delve into the brand’s story, and even customize their own timepieces.

Eye-Catching Wraps: Turning Heads on the Street

vinyl prints

Breitling needed to capture attention not only inside but also outside the store. Atlas Print Solutions’ expertise in wraps proved instrumental in this regard.

  1. Building Wrap: The exterior of the Breitling store was cloaked in a captivating graphic wrap. This larger-than-life design featured iconic Breitling watches and elements that celebrated the brand’s aviation heritage. The wrap transformed the boutique into an artistic masterpiece that couldn’t be ignored by anyone passing by.
  1. Window Graphics: Even the windows of the store were transformed into captivating displays. Atlas Print Solutions applied high-quality window graphics that showcased Breitling’s products and history. These graphics invited those on the bustling street outside to step inside and discover the world of Breitling.

Immersive Props: Creating an Atmosphere

Immersive props

To transport visitors into the world of Breitling and enhance the overall experience, Atlas Print Solutions introduced immersive props.

  1. Aviation-Themed Decor: Breitling’s strong connection to aviation was brought to life with themed decor elements strategically placed throughout the store. Life-sized prop aircraft engines, vintage pilot helmets, and aviation-themed murals served as visual cues, immersing customers in the brand’s adventurous spirit.
  1. Watchmaker’s Workbench: A standout feature of the store was the watchmaker’s workbench. This authentic-looking setup featured tools, watch parts, and a skilled craftsman meticulously assembling a watch. This not only provided an insightful look into the craftsmanship behind Breitling watches but also added an element of interactivity and education for curious visitors.

The Grand Opening Spectacle

Grand Opening Spectacle

The grand opening of the Breitling store in the Meatpacking District was a resounding success, largely thanks to the contributions of Atlas Print Solutions. The carefully crafted elements seamlessly blended to create an unforgettable experience for attendees.

The watch wall display stood as the centerpiece, capturing the essence of Breitling’s precision and innovation. Its radiant lighting and meticulous arrangement showcased the beauty of the watches while emphasizing their exceptional craftsmanship.

The heritage corner resonated with history enthusiasts and collectors alike, offering a glimpse into Breitling’s remarkable journey. The interactive touchscreens engaged visitors in a tech-savvy exploration of the brand, deepening their appreciation for the art of watchmaking.

Outside the store, the building wrap and window graphics transformed the boutique into a beacon of luxury in the Meatpacking District. Passersby couldn’t help but be drawn to the stunning visuals, sparking curiosity and admiration.

Inside, the aviation-themed decor and immersive props added layers to the experience. The watchmaker’s workbench, in particular, offered an educational and interactive opportunity, allowing guests to witness the intricate art of watchmaking up close.


Atlas Print Solutions played a vital role in shaping the grand opening of the Breitling store in NYC’s Meatpacking District. Their expertise in creating custom displays, eye-catching wraps, and immersive props transformed the boutique into a captivating space that celebrated Breitling’s history and craftsmanship.

In this partnership, Breitling’s dedication to precision and innovation found a harmonious match in Atlas Print Solutions’ commitment to creativity and attention to detail. Together, they crafted an exceptional introduction of Breitling to a discerning audience in a fashionable district.

As Breitling continues to thrive in the world of luxury watches, it’s clear that partnerships with skilled professionals like Atlas Print Solutions are instrumental in creating memorable and immersive brand experiences. The grand opening in the Meatpacking District served as a testament to the synergy between craftsmanship and creativity, ensuring a bright future for Breitling in this prestigious location.