The world of luxury retail is one that thrives on elegance, innovation, and the unique ability to present products in an environment that transcends the ordinary. This year, as Montblanc unveiled its fresh concept at Yorkdale Shopping Centre for the Fall of 2023, it turned to a trusted partner in the world of printing and installation: Atlas Print Solutions. A leader in their field, Atlas Print Solutions was tasked with bringing Montblanc’s vision to life, making sure that the brand’s message resonated with clarity, luxury, and unmatched attention to detail. One of the most eye-catching features of Montblanc’s new store was its barricades, printed and installed with precision by the Atlas team.

Crafting the Vision

When two giants in their respective fields collaborate, the result is bound to be a masterpiece. Montblanc’s Yorkdale concept store was not just about showcasing its world-renowned products but also about encapsulating the essence of the brand and its journey through the years. The barricades were not merely physical barriers; they were the canvas on which Montblanc’s story was to be told.

Atlas Print Solutions, understanding the weight of this responsibility, began their process with in-depth consultations. They needed to get a sense of what Montblanc envisioned. With sketches, mood boards, and brand narratives in hand, the creative process was initiated.

The Printing Process

Atlas Print Solutions has always prided itself on leveraging the latest technology to deliver prints that are not just visually stunning but are also durable and environmentally friendly. For Montblanc, the team employed high-resolution printing methods to ensure that every detail, every shade, and every line resonated with the brand’s aesthetic.

The chosen graphics for the barricades needed to be rich, evocative, and luxurious. Using UV-resistant inks, Atlas ensured that the visuals remained vibrant and did not fade with exposure to sunlight, essential for the high-footfall area of Yorkdale.

Installation with Precision

The installation of the barricades was another challenge. Yorkdale Shopping Centre, being one of the premium shopping destinations, sees significant foot traffic. The installation had to be swift, efficient, and most importantly, seamless.

The team at Atlas Print Solutions had worked on numerous projects in high-traffic areas, and their expertise was evident. They coordinated with the management of Yorkdale to identify the best time for the installation, ensuring minimal disruption to shoppers. The physical barricades, once printed, were transported to the site and installed with care. Each panel was meticulously aligned, ensuring that the visual flow of Montblanc’s story was not broken.

The Final Outcome


The result of this collaboration between Montblanc and Atlas Print Solutions was nothing short of mesmerizing. Shoppers were immediately drawn to the barricades, which not only teased the grandeur that lay behind them but also painted a vivid picture of what Montblanc represents.

The barricades served as an effective tool for building anticipation for the store’s opening. With every passing day, as the grand unveiling approached, more and more shoppers stopped, admired, and conversed about the visuals, making Montblanc’s Yorkdale concept store one of the most anticipated openings of Fall 2023.


Atlas Print Solutions, with its commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction, has once again demonstrated why they are leaders in their field. The collaboration with Montblanc for their Yorkdale concept store’s barricades stands as a testament to the artistry and technical prowess that Atlas brings to the table. As Montblanc opened its doors to the eager audience, the role of the barricades, printed and installed by Atlas, in setting the stage for this grand event, cannot be overstated.