In the fast-paced world of technology and data management, Snowflake Inc stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Snowflake, known for its cloud-based data warehousing solutions, captivated audiences and professionals at the 2022 Summit Event held at Chelsea Piers, NYC, as part of their Data Cloud World Tour. The event was a spectacular showcase of the company’s vision, and the team at Atlas Print NYC played a crucial role in bringing the magic to life.

Guiding Attendees to the Data Cloud World Tour

One of the first things attendees encountered upon arriving at the Snowflake Inc 2022 Summit Event were the meticulously designed floor decals. These weren’t just any decals; they were the brainchild of Atlas Print NYC, strategically placed to direct attendees seamlessly through the event. The decals not only served as navigational aids but also as a visual treat, incorporating Snowflake’s branding elements, subtly reinforcing the event’s theme.

Welcome Banners: Setting the Tone

As attendees entered the event venue, they were greeted by vibrant welcome banners adorned with the Snowflake Inc logo. These banners weren’t just functional; they set the tone for what lay ahead. They symbolized warmth, hospitality, and the excitement that was to come. Atlas Print NYC brought these banners to life, ensuring they matched Snowflake’s brand identity perfectly.

Branded Graphics: Honoring Sponsors

Sponsors play a significant role in making events like the Snowflake Inc 2022 Summit a reality. To express gratitude and recognition, the event featured branded graphics prominently displaying sponsor logos. Atlas Print NYC took on the task of crafting these visuals, ensuring that sponsors received the attention they deserved. These graphics served as a testament to Snowflake Inc’s commitment to its partners and the collaborative spirit of the tech industry.

Window Decals: Adding a Touch of Magic

The windows of the event venue were transformed into canvases of creativity, thanks to the expert craftsmanship of Atlas Print NYC. Window decals featuring Snowflake’s branding added a touch of magic to the event’s ambiance. As natural light streamed through these captivating visuals, attendees were treated to a unique blend of indoor and outdoor experiences, making the Snowflake Inc 2022 Summit truly unforgettable.

A Perfect Partnership: Snowflake Inc and Atlas Print NYC

The success of the Snowflake Inc 2022 Summit Event at Chelsea Piers was the result of a perfect partnership between Snowflake Inc and Atlas Print NYC. Snowflake’s vision came to life through the expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that Atlas Print NYC brought to the table. It was a testament to the power of collaboration in achieving excellence.


The Snowflake Inc 2022 Summit Event at Chelsea Piers was a magical experience for all who attended, and much of that magic was created through custom graphics, floor decals, welcome banners, and window decals meticulously crafted by Atlas Print NYC. This event was not just about data; it was about the artistry and innovation that can be achieved when technology and design come together. Snowflake Inc and Atlas Print NYC showcased that, indeed, the future is bright and filled with endless possibilities in the world of data and beyond