dye sublimation printing

Dye sublimation printing is a massive breakthrough in visual marketing. “Dye sub” printing to fabric produces vibrant colors, flawless quality and versatility in size and application. Spectacular graphics can now be displayed in many unique and eye catching ways, with the additional benefit of easy, low cost transportability.

With dye sublimation, your graphics are printed onto a fabric with silicone lining. You then simply insert the lining into the frame and watch your image straighten out and become high definition and vivid. The fabric and print are durable and can be easily stored and used many times.


Dye sublimated printing enables us to create unique visual experiences for your specific needs. One example is the pillowcase in which we can setup and cover structures with beautiful graphics, create unique spaces and increase the surface area of your message. 


Silicone edge graphics

When utilizing dye sublimated printing, we line the edges with silicone and thus the name, silicone edge graphics. When stretched over a grooved frame, the image becomes crisp, providing a detailed, high definition visual experience. Since the color does not crack or fade with use over time, multiple uses in various settings is easier and more stunning than ever.